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i love how in that interview JKR says that while writing the scenes with harry and hermione she felt this ~connection~ between them meanwhile they spent many nights not talking to each other as hermione cried and harry wished that not only would ron come back but that he was with ginny instead.

yes. wow. what a connection.


How is Hermione’s sacrifice to let her family behind greater than Ron’s?. Her parents are muggles, she changed her memories and sent them to Australia where they were safe. That’s a great sacrifice that costed her deeply, of course, there’s no point trying to diminish that, but how is it a bigger…

❝Ron’s anxieties and senses of inadequacy… are the inspiration for some of Rowling’s best writing across the series. Not all of these fears stem from being the rather more ordinary best friend to someone who is Chosen. Ron is ashamed of his family’s financial limitations, which leave him with broken wands, hand-me-down pets, and ragged dress robes, all of which stand up poorly to Harry’s magical tools, his beloved Hedwig, and his sleek party outfit. The moment in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire when Ron discovers that the gold he used to pay Harry back for the Omniculars Harry purchased for him as a treat at the Quidditch World Cup vanished, and that Harry didn’t notice because he has so much money, is one of the sharpest depictions of the awkwardness of financial inequality in a friendship that I can remember. Their gap in Quidditch skills is another area of friction. And the scene in Deathly Hallows in which Ron, having made tremendous efforts to return to the friends he abandoned, confronts his terror that Harry is more desirable than Ron in every area, whether as a son to Mrs. Weasley or a potential lover to Hermione, is a beautiful illustration of how difficult it is to love someone who constantly eclipses you.❞


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Ron vs. Snape

sketchvember day 19. Okay, I know this set is dialogue-heavy and technically I cheated/got lazy with the animating but at least in my version Ron isn’t a complete jerk who agrees with Snape.

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“I think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy.”

You know what, Emma Watson? Fuck you! for implying that Ron would have been the problem in the relationship.

Hermione isn’t perfect, she was damn right insufferable…

Anonymous asked:
"I agree fully with what you said. The thing for me is that it felt great KNOWING that Jo felt that love triangles were useless and that the female main character didn't have to be romantically involved with the hero. It felt great KNOWING that kids would read a story where these two valued each other greatly, but just as friends. It felt great KNOWING that Jo didn't think of Ron being ''undeserving'' of Hermione. If these news are true, I'm sad because it changes my perception of her intentions."


This. Thank you so much.

I personally love thinking about authors’ perspective about their books (even though I “books are bigger than their authors,” a very valid comment I saw on here), and it gives me some sense of comfort that JK Rowling loves canon as much as the readers do. I love the fact that Hermione and Harry could have never been a real thing, that there was no indication or shadow of a love triangle, that the hero ended up with someone completely different. It’s one of the things I was very proud of within in the series. I don’t want my perception of Harry Potter to change at all, and it’s unfortunate that it can, because of how highly I regard JK Rowling’s opinions. Of course, I will always love her, but I’m very disappointed.

❝The worst thing about what was said in the interview was that Ron doesn’t really matter to them. They think he wasn’t enough for Hermione. Just like everything he thought his entire life, no one is gonna love him because he’s not worth it. It’s about Romione to an extent, but the really awful, disgusting thing is… Ron is being shit on, again, and we who love him more than anything just can’t deal with it, because it truly hurts. That’s what most of the drama is about.❞